Online UPS System, Computer Support System, Sinewave Inverters, Chargers, CVT & Ultra Isolation Transformerst
Online UPS System, Computer Support System, Sinewave Inverters, Chargers, CVT & Ultra Isolation Transformerst

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Constant Voltage Transformer ( C V T )


There are times when one feels that a stabilizer is not enough. After all, a stabilizer can correct voltage with a certain finite speed. We would think that our instruments are connected to a stabilizer and are unaware of the fact that it is stilt passing on the spikes, voltage surges, glitches, noise etc. Which are so short, that it cannot be corrected by a stabilizer.

What then? The answer is a C.V.T. from 'ASEEM-OORJA'® This works on magnetic saturation principle, resonating with a tank circuit of high Q factor. When incoming Mains voltage is low the capacitor provides the necessary additional gain in power, keeping the output voltage steady. On the other hand , when the mains voltage is high the leakage reactance drops the difference of voltage. This correction of voltage is instantaneous even for sudden dips and spikes.

Capacities Available from 1.0 KVA to 10.0 KVA.
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Constant Voltage Transformer ( C V T )

Features :
1. Proven technology 5. Rugged Industrial Design
2. High reliability 6. High efficiency
3. Fast response 7. CMRR & DMRR noise rejection up to 100 dB
4. Output short circuit protected. 8. Can handle inductive loads
Technical Specifications :
1. Input Voltage Range  170 - 270 Volts A. C. 1 ph.
2. Frequency  50 Hz + 2.5 Hz
3. O/P Voltage  230 V AC ( Adjustable to 220 V or 240 V )
4. Line Regulation  + 2% at rated load
5. Load Regulation   1 %
6. Waveform  Sinusoidal
7. Response Time  20 ms.
8. CMRR Noise Rejection 100 db.
9. DMRR Noise Rejection 120 db.
10. Efficiency  Better Than 85 %
11. Total Galvanic Isolation  5 KV
12. Energy Storage  3ms.
13. Protection  a) Short CKT
 b) Over Load
 c) Fuse in the input CKT
Applications :
* Fax Machines * Signaling Instruments
* Epabx Systems * Electronic Typewriters
* Computers & Peripherals * Transmitters
* Scientific Instruments * Laboratory Equipments
* Telecommunications Power Supplies * Battery Charger & Rectifiers
* Photo Flash Equipments * Heating Equipments
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